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How did I live without this?



if she’s even able to walk after sex you didnt do it right

yeah you’re supposed to cut her legs off 

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"You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control."

-  Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love (via feellng)

"When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you."


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Your Thursday morning library inspiration.

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"All ideologies are idiotic, whether religious or political, for it is conceptual thinking, the conceptual word, which has so unfortunately divided man."

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what the actual fuck Jennifer

Geometric fascination