“Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.”

– Kait Rokowski (via percontes)

“Baby, just make sure you’re doing the drugs and the drugs aren’t doing you”

– 30 year old woman I did cocaine with over the summer (via satan-clit)

“Cherish your own emotions and never undervalue them.”

– Robert Henri (via feellng)



mother. friggin’. space. man.

I feel so small.

“Whenever you think or you believe or you know, you’re a lot of other people: but the moment you feel, you’re nobody-but-yourself.”

– E.E. Cummings (via feellng)

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”

– Buddha (via feellng)

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”

 Gautama Buddha (via feellng)



Did you know that beekeepers have famously attractive eyes ? Every single one of them . I don’t know the science behind it , but studies show beauty is in the eye of the bee holder .




i never hit reblog so fast in my life

over 380 thousands people have the same problem…